R A Bradbury, Wood Worker, Cabinet Maker, Craftsman
R A Bradbury, Wood Worker, Cabinet Maker, Craftsman
   This work station / customer entry / waiting room was designed and built by me for Derek Najarian, master BMW technician, and one man BMW repair shop. The idea was to keep the working space airy and spacious so it wouldn't feel cramped.
   The computer table is of typing height and is 51" long, and 32" deep to allow plenty of working room, place for the key board, printer/fax/copier, monitor, and router. Notice the curly maple face frame on the upper cabinet, and the legs of the table. The hanging shelves have sliding doors of plexiglass laminated with Dove Gray Formica. The plexiglass was necessary to use for an absolutely flat surface to bond the laminate.
   The counter - In the corner which would other wise be useless space, is a lazy susan to permit access to items stored in back. Next a set of sliding shelves, the 24" deep cabinet is relatively useless without the drawer sliders. Finally on the end is a cabinet with two filing drawers, and two smaller drawers to store the endless materials necessary to run a business.
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R A Bradbury Cabinet Maker